While there are many useful over the counter products and supplements on the market, we have our favorites.  We have chosen these products as they are either high quality, cost effective or fill an otherwise unmet need.  In all instances we recommend that you consult with your doctor whenever you have symptoms that merit a medical opinion.

We feel that in most instances it is important to start with a whole food supplement (rather then a man made, fractionated vitamin). 

Over The Counter Products & Supplements We Recommend


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We feel that in most instances it is important to start with a whole food supplements . We recommend this instead of a man-made fractionated supplements because studies show better absorbption,  measurable changes in nutrition-based blood levels,  slowed progression of atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries), and increased peripheral vascular blood flow with whole food supplements.

In general we do not recommend man-made, fractionated vitamins as numerous medical studies have shown them to be largely ineffective in changing outcome or changing blood levels. In addition, they may even increase the risk of death or illness (The Medical Letter; Vol 47, July 18, 2005, pg 57 and “Use of antioxidant vitamins for the prevention of cardiovascular disease: meta-analysis of randomized trials”, THE LANCET, Vol 361, June 14, 2003, pg 20017).

Those with known food allergies to fruits and vegetables may need to assess whether they can take whole food supplements safely. Each individual should evaluate the appropriateness of the products listed for his/her own personal needs.

*Please contact our office and ask to speak to our wellness coordinator or use our on line office store for assistance in obtaining products marked with an asterisk.

Bowel Regularity:
Milk Thistle: 175mg, one to two tabs up to three times per day
Dandelion Root: 520mg one to two tabs up to three times per day

Digestion Aids:
Betain HCL 250-400mg with Pepsin 150mg; one tab with meals

Dry Skin & Hemorrhoid Irritation:
Shea Nut Butter

Prohealth’s Guaifenesin FA: two tabs either once or twice a day for chronic respiratory or sinus congestion (Immunesupport.com)

Niacin Non Flush: 500mg tabs, three to four per day (obtain from a compounding pharmacist)
Red Yeast Rice: 600mg per day
Co-Enzyme Q10: 400 mg per day

Valerian root: 450mg, one to two tabs at night

* Iodoral: four tabs per day for three months, followed by two per day for two months then one per day thereafter (http:www.optimox.com)

Immune System Boosters:
·*Transfer Points’s Beta 1,3D Glucan: two tabs either once or twice a day for bacterial
· Animune Transfer Factor: two tabs either once or twice a day for viral infection
  Epicor: one to three capsules a day for overall immune system strength.

Leaky Gut:
Water Of Life (Liquid Minerals) by Water Oz: one tablespoon per day for colloidal mineral absorption (www.wateroz.com)
Optimal Flora Plus: two tablets one to three times a day as a probiotic.

Omega Three Free Fatty Acids:
Twin Labs Super Twin EPA/DHA: two tabs twice a day for 1000mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA.

Sacroiliac Belts:
The Saunders SI Belt, available from Amazon.com

Thrombolytic Agents:
*CRNa’s Boluoke: Two tablets one to three times a day to reduce fibrin clotting.

Urinary Hesitancy or Outflow Obstruction as in BPH:
NatureHealthSupply.com’s Prostate Miracle: one tab either one or two times a day to increase urine stream flow

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